Person doing yoga on an office desk

Office workout: Exercises that you can do at your desk

29 November 2019
From time to time, we’ve probably all used the excuse that we don’t have enough time to exercise, but what if there was a way to sneak in a quick 5-minute exercise whilst at your desk?
Just doing a quick, easy exercise routine will keep you comfortable whilst working, especially if you feel your body getting tighter throughout the day.  Take a look at some of the movements that you can do to keep yourself active in your office.
  1. Extend your arms in front of you and open and close your hands in front of you, then above your head, then down by your sides. Repeat each of these movements three times. These movements will stretch your shoulder, chest and back muscles.
  2. Place your arm across your chest and press on your elbow to stretch your shoulders. Hold this for 5 seconds and turn your head towards the shoulder being stretched. Repeat this movement with your other arm to stretch your shoulders and neck.
  3. Standing behind your chair, lift your heels so that you are standing on your tiptoes and hold this position for 5 seconds. Repeat this movement 5 times. This exercise will strengthen the muscles in your lower legs.
  4. Still standing, adjust your torso to shift your body weight forward whilst keeping both knees over your ankles and soles flat on the floor. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat the process 10 times. The lunge exercise will strengthen your upper leg muscles, such as the quadriceps.
  5. With your legs shoulder-width apart, slowly squat into a seated position and hold for 5 seconds and then stand back upright. Repeat this squat movement 10 times. This movement exercises your lower back and glute muscles.
  6. Bend down to touch your toes to loosen up your back and hips. You will also feel a stretch on your hamstrings.
  7. Walk on the spot for 30 seconds whilst rolling your shoulders both forwards and backwards. This will help to improve your blood flow as well as give you a quick cardio blast and the shoulder movement will help to keep your shoulders loose throughout the day.
  8. Holding a water bottle in your hand, bend your arm at the elbow and raise the bottle over your head. Repeat with the other hand to get in a quick bicep and triceps workout.
  9. Repeat the previous step but start from a straight arm and raise the bottle to your shoulder.

Make sure that once you have completed any of these movements that you drink some water to keep yourself hydrated

Things that you can do to keep yourself active around your office also include:

  • Taking stairs instead of lifts
  • Cycle or walk to and from your building
  • Have a walking lunch break

Whilst you may not have long to get these exercises in, it’s important to find the time to do so. Not only will you feel more energised and fresher from doing the movement, but your mind will also enjoy the break from the work that you are doing.

Working around Display Screen Equipment (DSE), which you will most likely be doing when working in an office, has been known to cause Musculoskeletal disorders which can be painful and lead to complications later in life. By regularly moving and stretching your body, you can increase your chances of avoiding problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strain and herniated discs.

Physical exercise is also known to have a positive effect on mental health, so even just by getting a little bit more active during the day, you will be looking after your mental health as well.

Source: Zywave Inc - Live Well, Work Well: One Minute Office Workout

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